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Application Template

Post by jazzy on Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:44 pm

How to Apply

First, you must conform to the following guidelines:
You must not currently be in another clan for JK2. We do not allow multi clanning.
Offensive can be defined as personal, sexual, or otherwise off colored jokes, as well frequent and excessive use of foul language, on the forums and server. It may also include borderline pornographic and/or offensive images, but never actual pornography. By applying, you understand these conditions, and are willing to accept whatever you may be exposed to.
In order to be considered, you must stay active on the forums and server.
Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an automatic denial of your application. Second, you must post an application in this forum. This application must include, but is not necessarily limited to the information listed in red.

Connection Speed (DSL/Cable/Other):
Previous Clans:
In-game Skill Level:
MSN (Or other messengers):

A small reason on why you would like to apply to |JP|
If you do not post your application in this format it will be discarded.

So I've applied, now what?

You will follow the list of expectations enumerated below.

Expectations from all Wannabe's
Follow ALL of the rules on the forums and server
Do not assume that since you have posted an application, that you are a member of |J4F|. Do not wear our tags until told to. Wearing our tags without permission is considered impersonating a |J4F| member. This is grounds for a ban from the server.
Do not ask about the progress of your application. It shows us that you are impatient. A quality that we do not like.
Do not instruct others how to be a |J4F| member. You are not |J4F| , how are you to tell others what to do in order to become |JP|?
Be polite and respectful of all players, including non-|J4F|
Feel free to talk on the server, and post on the forums. It lets us get to know you better.
What you can Expect from |J4F|
We will inform you as soon as a decision has been made on your application.
If your application is denied, you will be told in the application topic itself. And it will be closed.
If your application is accepted, you will be told on the server, in person, by a |J4F| member. They will instruct you what to do next.
If your application is accepted, There will be no skipping ranks for anyone, unless it is decided by executive decision of the Council.
We will do our best to acknowledge everyone that applies. However, we can be busy at times. If you see one of us on the server, introduce yourself and say hello. Maybe even tell us your a new Wannabe. We will be sure to take notice then.
What to do if you are Denied
Do not make a post saying that the denial is unfair.
Do not make a post asking why your application was denied.
Do not turn into a complete douche because you were rejected.

Here is a list of common reasons that an application is denied:
You were not active enough for the Lord members to get to know you.
You broke one or more of the rules that Lord enforces.
Your personality did not fit into the clan.
You caused drama/trouble/problems on this server/forums, or those of other clans.
What can you do about Re-Applying

Our Re-Application rule is very fair. We allow applicants to apply a total of three (3) times before we stop accepting applications from them.

You must wait a period of three (3) weeks before you can re-apply AFTER the denial of your prior application. If you do not wait this time period, you re-application will be discarded, and you will be out one (1) chance of re-application.

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Re: Application Template

Post by MoTo on Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:37 am

Note: I moved the application information from random to the actual register category, and I changed it from a topic to a sticky so it will remain at the top of the list.


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